Cardinal Glennon--Home away from home

Cardinal Glennon--Home away from home

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chunkie Cheese....Happy Bday Dalton "10"

We all went to chunkie cheese two weeks ago. Dalton brought his friend, Marshal (who they call marshmellow--which I think is sooo cute). They all had a blast. I felt bad for them because you dont get much with those tickets. They rip the kids off.

Playin' at the park in the dark!



We met grandma Pam and Trey at the Flora park. The kids played and then we ate and they wanted to play some more. It was getting dark, but they didnt care.

Pumpkins...and more pumpkins

We alllll had a blast doing our pumpkins from the patch. We went on a hayride back to the patch (no camera...grrr) and they are got to pick their own pumpkin. They sure looked pretty at night.