Cardinal Glennon--Home away from home

Cardinal Glennon--Home away from home

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

24 hour heart monitor

Yesterday was Breeonna's annual trip to St. Louis to get her 24 hour heart monitor. She is such a trouper. This is the third and hopefully last time to wear it. It doesnt take ten minutes to get it on her. They program it and make you sign a paper that YOU will pay the $700.00 bill if something happens to it. LOL. The last time the nurse dropped it and I told I wasnt gonna take that one home. So Bree refers to it as her purse. She is soo cute with it on. She doesn't try to hide it and wears it with pride. There is 5 leads and they are on their sticky tight.
Her baby sister Stephanie said it was awful trying to take them off. I knew it would hurt. She had a hard time sleeping with them and was tripping over the cords last night. They were colored coded so she was fascfnated by the colors and gave me a chance for being teacher and mom at the same time. I have to wrap it up, put it in the box, and ship it FedEx tonight. We go back the day before Thanksgiving to see the results and see her doctor for the last time. We have gone through 5 doctors in three years. We didnt really like her anyways, but hate going over the history again and again. We will discuss surgery for next year. She wants her to be four. Im hoping she will do it over the summer, while I'm off.

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  1. What a little trooper.
    God bless you and your family