Cardinal Glennon--Home away from home

Cardinal Glennon--Home away from home

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chunkie Cheese....Happy Bday Dalton "10"

We all went to chunkie cheese two weeks ago. Dalton brought his friend, Marshal (who they call marshmellow--which I think is sooo cute). They all had a blast. I felt bad for them because you dont get much with those tickets. They rip the kids off.

Playin' at the park in the dark!



We met grandma Pam and Trey at the Flora park. The kids played and then we ate and they wanted to play some more. It was getting dark, but they didnt care.

Pumpkins...and more pumpkins

We alllll had a blast doing our pumpkins from the patch. We went on a hayride back to the patch (no camera...grrr) and they are got to pick their own pumpkin. They sure looked pretty at night.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Frustrated,,,,and know I should be THankful!

Trent got home (after working 13 hours) and had bad news. Work is going back to 3 shifts. This means he will be going back to 2nds. I just DONT understand how this huge company can get by with this...well I union! That would change alot. The big-wigs called yesterday and told them they were being outdone on making feed by up north. So what?? Big deal!! That they better step it up or they wouldnt get world class!!! Who cares!!! They just hired three new guys so of course production will be down with training. They just think (and do) they can change it on a daily basis. They change the hours weekly and sometimes on a daily basis on when they all should work. The boss said he knows this will be hard on families and the change is not good. Does it affect 1 shift workers?????????????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! It's not changing his life and family. It's just a chosen few. THe few that stay and put up with it because they have to have insurance for their daughter (ours) who takes medication three times a day and will have to have surgery next year. He stays because of her and us. And he loves the job. It is farming related--BUT HATES all the bazooo that comes along with it.
They say this is only gonna be for a week and then they will see if production is up or if they have to keep the 3 shifts. Trent says once the new guy finishes training that he may get to go back to first. Who wants to work with those creeps????

God is in my life
We are all healthy
We eat
We drink
We have fresh air
We have a home (with new windows)
We have a car
We a wonderful church
We have family

Lord, remind me of this and calm my spirit! Thank you!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

24 hour heart monitor

Yesterday was Breeonna's annual trip to St. Louis to get her 24 hour heart monitor. She is such a trouper. This is the third and hopefully last time to wear it. It doesnt take ten minutes to get it on her. They program it and make you sign a paper that YOU will pay the $700.00 bill if something happens to it. LOL. The last time the nurse dropped it and I told I wasnt gonna take that one home. So Bree refers to it as her purse. She is soo cute with it on. She doesn't try to hide it and wears it with pride. There is 5 leads and they are on their sticky tight.
Her baby sister Stephanie said it was awful trying to take them off. I knew it would hurt. She had a hard time sleeping with them and was tripping over the cords last night. They were colored coded so she was fascfnated by the colors and gave me a chance for being teacher and mom at the same time. I have to wrap it up, put it in the box, and ship it FedEx tonight. We go back the day before Thanksgiving to see the results and see her doctor for the last time. We have gone through 5 doctors in three years. We didnt really like her anyways, but hate going over the history again and again. We will discuss surgery for next year. She wants her to be four. Im hoping she will do it over the summer, while I'm off.

My Birthday Boy Dalton!!

Ten years ago today he was brought into this world from God. Ohh what a day!! Daddy and I found out we were pregnant (well, I was the only one pg) and we were surprised, anxious, and scared to death. Me anyways!! This was my first baby.
The pregnancy was great! I loved being pg. I read all the books and everything I could get my hands on those nine months. We went in for the 18 week ultrasound and found out you were going to be a boy and you were breech. We know we have a long way to go for you to switch. I just knew this would never happen. You liked it this way. WHy I don't know. I knew I had to try to turn you though. I used bags of frozen vegetables, layed upside down on ironning boards, shined a flashlight--you name it I did it. I wanted a natural birth sooo bad.
So I went in again to see your position. Still breech!! We had talked about a manual turning process. I was willing to try anything, unlike your father. He was not keen on the idea. We decided to try though. I was given an IV and medicine to calm my muscles. With that it raced my heart. I almost had a panic attack. This was natural but I didnt like it and I couldnt calm down. So the doctor and the nurse lubed up my belly and they got on top of the bed. One at both ends. They put their hands on me (and not for healing) because it was the most painful thing. I was trying to relax but it felf awful. I was just thinking of you and how you were feeling. With someone pushing on you and I was afraid you would be black and blue. I finally told them to stop. I didnt want to risk hurting you. So we immediately went onto to a draw fluid to check your lungs. We got the results and scheduled a c-section the following week.
We woke up and went to the hospital and everything went as planned. Your dad stayed with you the entire time. I finally got to see you after forever it seemed. We stayed for two days and brought you home. THen the fun began. We both love you soo much. You have brought joy and love to our lives.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday girl and her money!

Breeonna got her package in the mail from Grandma Cathy in Florida. She's not much of a hairstyling girly girl. She leaves them in for about five minutes and then rippes them out. She sure did latch onto the money though. You would of thought it was $100.00 bills. She was in hog heaven. She wants to buy a new princess tri cycle. I think she'll need more than ten dollars.

So born calf

This new calf was born this week. What a cold night to be born. Momma is trying her best to clean him off. He never would get up. He is tryig to get warm. She is a good momma!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Remove the head, then the legs, then the guts...

What a weekend we had as a family!! It was different to say the least. Saturday morning hit us with cold, rainy, windy weather, but that did not slow down our plans. We got to butchering our chickens. The boys rather. THey are the ones who take care of them. We did 5 roosters and 2 hens. It took us a total of 3 hours start to finish. The boys had a blast. Who knew a chicken could flop w/o its head. It was the funniest thing. I got the water a boiling in the house and that was it for me. I was the picture taker. Grandma, grandpa, and dad did the rest. The kids got into it after a while. It was easier that I thought it would be. Next time Ill have to help. Grandma came back later that night to fry it up for us. I cooked green beans and mashed potatoes to go along with the fried chicken. It really was good. I just had to NOT think about where it came from. It didnt bother anyone else, just me--the mom!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Can it look better....yup!

We are getting new windows next week. So excited!!! So this weekend is going to be spent moving furniture and taking down curtains and blinds. I will be glad to pitch the 14 year old blinds and curtains. I am buying new. Curtains that is. I am not putting back up the stupid blinds.
We are--we are--we are cleaning up the yard too! no matter what those boys say! It does not look like this. It is a mess. So much of a mess that we cant even begin to mow. We need to mow one more time and then we are done for the year. Maybe I can do that tonite while dad is working on the tractor. I need him to fix the 3 tractors so I can mow. I hate equiptment in the front yard! Drives me nuts!! GRRRRR.
Nothing else planned. Maybe do some scrapbooking and card making tonite and tomorrow. I signed up for another 12 hour in November. I get sooo much done when I go to them. They are alot of fun too.
Oh, need to clean out the van too. It is messsssyyyyyy!! Living in it with three kids it gets that way.
Hope everyone has a good weekend. Loving this weather.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am sooo tired of being sick. Sooo tired of being tired for that matter. I got hit again and stayed in bed for four days...Can someone say bedsores?? My heart went out for all the nursing homes and hospitals. I sure needed one of their beds. I finally went to the dct and yep...Strep!! I literally was laying down when she examined me. I couldnt even sit up. I was that out of it. Now on antib, which causes you know what...bring on the yogurt!! You fight one thing to gain another. I know have this terrible cough from down under. I get into a coughing spell and others rush to my side. On the flip side, I love the outcome of sickness...losing weight!!!! I am still on a soft food thing. I just cant eat like I usually do. Good thing. Maybe it will become a habit..hmmmm

So glad no one else in the family has gotten it. I dont wish this on my worst enemy. And I have a few! shhh!!

Good friend passed away. Went home to be with the Lord. He served a wonderful life. He was a military man and a loving husband and father. He will me missed by all.

Speaking of loving husbands and father....mine has sure been great while I have been sick. He has taken over and cooked, homework, kids, etc. I am amazed and very thankful. I truely love him and so grateful to have him.

well, off to begin the day. My heart is really heavy for some boys in my class. I am praying God gives me soft voice and tender heart for these young men. Please God send me the right words for them today.

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Halloween cards..

Crop...Crop...Crop...till you drop...

And that is exactly what I did. Arrived at 9:00 AM and left at 10:00 PM. I finished 14 layouts and 10 cards. It was soo much fun. Met two new ladies in our corner and had a lot of fun. Eating was a big part too. Good food...good foood.

Friday, September 17, 2010

12 hour crop tomorrow... So Exited..We get to wear out pjs too!

I am going to a 12 hour crop tomorrow. I cant wait. We get to wear out pj's (appropriate ones she says!) I am going to scrap scrap scrap all day and night. We get two meals and snacks. It's a great time!!!

Boys and their bikes..what would they do without 'em!

Dalton had his bike and Keegan had his little tricyle. So Keegan asked for a new bike for his birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Smith bought him one. They took him shopping all over Mt. Vernon and he choose one finally. He was almost toooo small for it, but he worked and worked and he can fly with it now!! I am soo proud of him. They both go on rides daily.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chickens...chickens..and more chickens!!

We have had these chickens for awhile now and they are definately doing there job. We are getting around 15-20 eggs a day. The boys take care of them and get the money from mommy selling the eggs for $1.00. They take pride in that money too. They are learning sooo much responsiblity taking care of these chickens. We incubate them ourselves and the process is wonderful learning for them.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not a Baby anymore.

Bree just turned three on us last Sunday. Where has the time gone?? It was just yesterday I was in the hospital waiting for the c-section to begin. We were so happy to get our baby girl. We are so blessed with her. She is our little princess!